Winter is coming, with it, one of our favourite periods of the year: XMAS TIME!
Lately, we can’t imagine one without our traditional Xmas GIF(T)s. This year ones are short stories. Students from 4th to 6th primary have created thorough Gifs to express their feelings and memories while they were working on these projects.
Once again, there are some awesome ones, they all have improved their technique a lot as you will notice. Snow, Christmas trees, presents, fireplaces or Santa are some of the recurrent symbols included in all of them, but the new ones will surprise you very much.
For now, this is our digital way of wishing you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!!!

Anna and Pol

Haobo and Mar

Joan and Ýlan

Mireia and Araceli

Mane and Noa

Shiqi and Paula

Sara and Yelsa

Marco and David

Carla V. and María

Aitana and Irene B.

Martina and Mariam

Araceli and Emma

Ari and Daniela

Laia and Paloma

Alejandra and Rebeca

Helena and Nerea