The aim of this online contest is to motivate Secondary school students to learn English as a second language while having fun. A contest for everyone!

Students can practice on the free games and they work hard in order to get top results and win the different prices! There are prices and certificates for everyone and even they do not have a good level of English, there are cultural questions as well which help them get great score.

Last 18th May, 54 students of our school  participated. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THEM!

Here some pictures and the results!

Aquí tenéis los resultados por cursos ( 1º,2º, 3º y 4º). En la primera columna aparece la posición del alumno, a continuación la posición en Barcelona , luego de España y finalmente la puntuacion sobre 350.
Debajo de cada cuadro tenéis el total de alumnos participantes.