We are  Superheroes!

Our school has been kidnapped by Dr. Fly! 

But we, the Concep’s heroes and heroines, together with Batman, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Hulk, and Spiderman have saved it! It has been their home for a day!

Our real-life superheroes and heroines may not have superpowers or wear capes. However, just like fictional ones, children and teens also look up to them as role models.  They serve and protect while fighting evil. 

There were many activities, workshops, games, kahoots, challenges, and quizzes throughout the day, prepared for grades from P3 till 4th ESO, which were educative as well as interesting. We had a great time watching different Heroes films as well. These activities were thought and planned both to have fun and improve our students’ English skills. As always, we had an extraordinary time together!

To love, to enjoy, and explore English are the principal objectives of this Special Day.  It takes place basically during one day, and it is based on a  different topic each year in order to enhance student’s interests in learning English.

  1. To arouse students’ interests in Super Heroes as models of helping others.

  2. To introduce students to the joy of public speaking.

  3. To broaden students’ horizon in fictional and non-fictional materials through games, activities 

  4. To arouse students’ interests in learning English through language games and film shows. 

  5. To develop leadership skills

We not only learned English, enjoyed ourselves, but also have fun with teachers and classmates!

Here you have some of the best moments of our English Day