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4th ESO students, in oral class, have been creating amazing board games based on the course contents! They have written the instructions, explained them and eventually…. TODAY THEY PLAYED!
Good job and… good luck!

1st Bachillerato students have watched the filme Evelyn. Then, they have Belen working in groups creating amazing games and exercises about the film ñ, monitoring and teachers for an hour!! Good job!

New 4th eso project! This term the 4th eso students have become News Reporters. Well done!

This week 3rd eso students have become cheffs and cooked the most delicious and tasty recipes! We have even tasted some of them! Mmmmm….. Yummy!! Have a nice meal!

4th eso students representing and performing Christmas pictures! They chose a Pic, then make Up a story. They had to ‘perform’ it!
Merry Christmas!

Christmas is coming and 3rd eso students have made up amazing funny stories. They not only have learnt performing, but also learnt about the values of Christmas!

This week we’re celebrating Thanksgiving at school. Harriet told us the history behind the tradition and we are decorating the school. We’re thankful for so many things!

BINGO! Students have prepared a word Bingo fron different movies scenes! They not only learn English, but also have fun! Then, we played ! Great time!