Along these weeks, we have been working on different challenges. We would like to show you the process of learning while we are in the Robotics class. 6th Graders experiment with different skills like measuring, calculation or space geometry. All-in-one!
Providing them a plan (digitally drawn), kids need to start thinking and testing while they program in teams their projects together. We focus on the computational way of thinking to solve the proposed problem.
How do we reach our goal? Executing these important steps:

1-Abstraction: Problem formulation;
2-Automation: Solution expression;
3-Analyses: Solution execution and evaluation.

We use cuboids to practice different challenges. Our robot, EV3 Mindstorms, transport them on a planned surface. Pupils measure distances on their own with rulers, and then calculate the unknown quantities. Thanks to this act of calculation and geometry, they achieve a better perspective of important concepts like space and time. When they solve the challenge, and those who finish first, explain to the rest of the class how they managed to make it: difficulties and programming.
Therefore, transversal competencies integrated along with knowledge and disciplinary expertise, allow them to acquire essential competencies; both in life and at work.

For every single problem, there is a solution!

Turn Challenge
On this challenge, kids need to find an answer to the unknown quantity of time: seconds.
Datum supplied:
– number of rotations; #
– power; p
– centimeters; cm
– cuboid delivery
– visual tour
How do they start working?
1- Read the plan
2- Brainstorm
3- Measure
4- Programme
5- Test
6- Enjoy








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