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//Jane Austen Corner

Jane Austen Corner

It is a ‘truth universally acknowledged that’ Jane Austen is one of the best and most widely read authors of English literature’.

Due to the 200th anniversary of her death (July 2017), the school geography and history teacher Ruben de la Rubia and the English teacher Manmen Rodríguez decided to start a project with A level students(Batxillerat) . They read Pride and Prejudice, watched the film (2005) and finally studied more deeply about England during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Pride and Prejudice is a picture of how society was in those days: hard differences among social classes, the pressure for women of being married, the financial difficulties… and Jane Austen had the ability to transmit all that with the best subtlety ever.   

The students have had the opportunity to choose among different topics and formats such as a diary page, letters, wedding invitations… but  always from the perspective of one of the characters.

 The final result has been the amazing Jane Austen Corner.

María Rodríguez, alumna de 1r de Batxillerat:

El projecte de Jane Austen m’ha semblat innovador i diferent a altres projectes que fem a classe. Ha sigut interessant preparar una invitació de boda dels anys 19-20, ja que et dones compte que fa “poc temps” les cartes, invitacions de boda, les cases… eren ben diferents de com són ara i això és el que m’ha agradat, aprendre una mica del passat i sentir-me realment com una dona d’una altre època, encara que també m’ha agradat el racó de Jane Austen que hi ha a classe, ja que ha quedat molt atractiu.

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