On Friday 1st of June we participated, for the second year in a row, in the “II Mostra de Robòtica i Programació Educativa” at CosmoCaixa Science Museum in Barcelona. Once again, our school has been invited to this important exhibition, where different schools from Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district, share their ideas and projects. MM Concepcionistes School presented four different ones made with robots. Two of them with the help of 5th-grade Pre-school students and teachers. The first was “Gaudí Monuments Tour”, and the second one “Blood Components Overview”. A very original presentation and proposal through the eyes of little children and their robot friend: a Bee-Bot.
On the other hand, 6th-grade Primary students presented two different projects with EV3 Lego Mindstorms. In these projects, pupils explained their understanding after working in class for several weeks. They thought and created two mockups to let them explain better their projects. At the same time, those sessions served to test, work, and enjoy while learning. Both were programmed to avoid obstacles. The first project’s name was: “Parking”. In it, the EV3 needed to dodge parked vehicles and got to its parking lot. An easy way of learning different concepts such as measure distances in cms, and the use of sensors -like the Ultrasonic one- to detect static objects.
The last project presented at the CosmoCaixa’s Auditori focused on a delivery process, this time carried out by our EV3 (the postman). The name of it was: “Post Office”. We added a new element: a Grabber, to let the robot transport and deliver two cuboids (as packages) to two different houses on the second mockup.
A superb way of showing the skills learned in class. But also, a new method of sharing ideas with other fellows and schools; STEM learning.
We had a great day together at the magnificent CosmoCaixa Science Museum. Congratulations to everybody involved in this adventure: students, teachers, and schools. We are looking forward to being part of the 2019 edition.

The future is here, let’s get ready.

Gaudí Monuments Tour

Blood Components Overview


Post Office