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//English Day

English Day

El passat 23 de febrer vam transformar tota l’escola amb una ambientació londinenca. I tots els cursos de l’escola van treballar activitats a l’entorn de la matèria de Llengua Anglesa. Agraïm a l’equip de professores i professors que ho van fer possible. Congratulations.

Good morning everybody!

English day is finally here and, as you saw at the school gates, this year we are travelling quite far away from Barcelona. We are going to one of the most amazing and multicultural cities in the world. Which city is it? London, of course!

Today we’re visiting some of London’s most interesting places like the Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, the National Gallery, Abbey Road… We’re also learning a bit about its culture and history, travelling on different transport like double decker buses and the London Tube, and of course…having lots of fun!

So get your boarding passes ready and join us on this amazing trip. Enjoy the ride!

No us perdeu el video de motivació per a la jornada que van realitzar l’equip de professores i professor de la matèria d’anglès!

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