As you may know, Thanksgiving Day is a worldwide tradition, and although it is being celebrated in more and more places, it is typical of Canada and the United States. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, so this year it takes place on the 25th. It is a family holiday, where food is plentiful and turkey plays a special role. The main purpose of this gathering is to GIVE THANKS!

Its origin goes back to the history of the first settlers who came to the USA from England and has to do with autumn harvests. As tradition has it, a group of settlers from Plymouth, the current state of Massachusetts, in the early twenties of the 17th century, decided to celebrate the good autumn harvest with the Wampanoag Native Americans to show their gratitude for having taught them the techniques of growing corn and hunting.

How is this holiday celebrated?

Although the way this holiday is celebrated has changed over the years, the main origin, which still remains intact, is to share blessings with family and close loved ones. Although during the rest of the year family members may be separated, on Thanksgiving it is the norm to gather in one home, namely the home of the oldest relative, usually the grandparents. So not to break with tradition, the meals served have much in common with those served at the first Thanksgiving of settlers and Indians: turkey, corn, squash, and cranberry sauce.

Our school

Giving thanks is a value that our students learn and put into practise. Therefore, we take advantage of this American and Canadian tradition and give thanks.

This year all the students have made a big garland that will be displayed all over the school and will remind us how important it is to be thankful. In addition, so that families can also enjoy this day, the entrance of General Mitre will become a symbol of this great celebration for a few days.

We are thankful for ….


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